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The Ethereum Merge is Coming

The Ethereum Mainnet is anticipated to migrate to a proof-of-stake (PoS) validation structure on 15th Sept 2022. This article explores the basics of Ethereum, the Merge, and the impact it may have on BTC Markets ETH holders.

BTC Markets is the first Australian Exchange to be recognised as a vetted exchange by Digital Asset Research, a leading crypto research firm specializing in making clean crypto data that institutional clients can trust to inform their digital asset decisions.

BTC Markets is the only Australian cryptocurrency company to be listed as a Vetted Exchange by Digital Asset Research (DAR), a leading provider of crypto asset data and analysis.

We have become Australia’s first crypto exchange to successfully go through the full application process and be granted an Australian Financial Services License (AFSL)

For an industry a little over a decade old, it is remarkable just how far cryptocurrency and blockchain technology has come. As a proud partner of the AFR Cryptocurrency Summit, we are here to share our thoughts.

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