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Caroline Bowler

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Central bank digital currency could be Australia’s monetary future

Central bank digital currency could be Australia’s monetary future

Australians are choosing digital payments over cash. The shift is enabled by advancements in financial technology.

What Is The Bitcoin Lightning Network?

The Lightning Network for Bitcoin is much-touted among tech experts as a potential solution for Bitcoin’s ongoing scalability issues. But is lightning crypto really the future? Or does the community need to be looking at different options for a scalable future for Bitcoin?

What Is Bitcoin & How Does It Work?

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm, but what exactly is it?

Cryptocurrency explained: What is decentralised finance?

Decentralised finance, or DeFi, is one of the fastest growing areas in cryptocurrency. While Bitcoin challenged the idea of electronic currency, DeFi looks to reimagine our broader financial infrastructure.

How to Store Your Bitcoin

Regardless of how new or experienced you are with investing, cryptocurrency trading works differently, in that once you purchase your Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos, you then need to have a place to store it safely and securely.

Who Is Satoshi Nakamoto?

Bitcoin, as we know it today, is an open-source project, reliant on the work of many individuals working as a collective rather than being beholden to a central authority. But for such a seemingly open project, its origins are more mysterious than you might expect. Enter Satoshi Nakamoto.