What are blockchain assets?

Bitcoin is an example of a blockchain asset. You can send Bitcoin over the Internet directly as easily as sending an email. Like cash, Bitcoin transactions are irreversible. Bitcoin and other blockchain assets are traded on exchanges worldwide.

What is BTC Markets?

BTC Markets is an Australian marketplace for buyers and sellers to exchange blockchain assets. We are 100% privately Australian owned and all staff are based in Australia. You're trading with other users of this site. The price you buy or sell at is up to you. The price is influenced by the demand and supply from buyers and sellers on this exchange. The current price shown is the last price a buyer and a seller agreed to exchange at.

Do you allow VPNs?

We do not specifically disallow the use of VPNs; however, the use of a VPN can cause delays in our identity verification systems as well as the processing of deposits and withdrawals. Due to these potential issues we recommend not using a VPN while accessing your BTC Markets account.

Does BTC Markets buy and sell blockchain assets from other exchanges?

No. We only provide a service for our users to safely trade with one another. Our blockchain assets are sourced by deposits from our users. Some of our users are also liquidity providers. See our Terms of Service for an explanation of how we work with Liquidity Providers.

Do I need my own wallet?

We offer a managed service, so once you have bought blockchain assets you may send, receive and store your assets on our exchange. We always recommend that our users manage their own funds and withdraw to a personal wallet after purchase. There are many third party wallets to choose from, such as the popular Blockchain Wallet for Bitcoin or Electrum for Litecoin. If you prefer to manage your own wallet service, you may choose to download Bitcoin Core or Litecoin Core. We recommend you read up on how best to manage your blockchain wallets.

Do you have an API?

Yes, we do, and all the documentation and sample code can be found on GitHub.

Can I use this site to assist with the paying of ransomware?

No. The use of our services for the purpose of payment to ransomware is strictly forbidden and is against our terms of service. Any users found to be using our services for such purpose will have their account terminated.

Can I use this site to engage in illegal activities?

No. The use of our services to engage in any illegal activities is strictly forbidden and is against our terms of service. Any users found to be using our services for such purposes will have their account terminated.

What does the "ADCA Gold Certification" mean?

The Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct is a voluntary scheme that establishes externally auditable best practice standards for businesses operating in the Australian Digital Currency industry.

The Code of Conduct is administered by the Australian Digital Currency & Commerce Association and is available for adoption by businesses operating in Australia that provide or facilitate the:

  • purchase or sale of a Digital Currency; o purchase or sale of a fiat currency in connection with a Digital Currency; or
  • storage of a Digital Currency.

The Code of Conduct establishes Best Practice Standards covering:

  • reputation and general business conduct;
  • consumer protection; and,
  • AML/CTF obligations.

ADCA Certification means that the participating Digital Currency Business has been assessed to have business processes, systems and policies in place that will ensure consistent compliance with the Code of Conduct, including the Best Practice Standards. Compliance with the Code of Conduct is independently reviewed every two years by an ADCA approved external auditor and self-certified every other year.

BTC Markets is a member of ADCA and has held ADCA Certification under this Code of Conduct since February 2018. The full text of the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct is available here.


How do I buy blockchain assets?

Click on "Account" then "Deposit" for a list of depositing options. Once your deposit has cleared you can place a buy order. Click on "Buy / Sell" and enter the amount and price you want to pay. The easiest and quickest way to buy blockchain assets is to select a "Market Order". For large instructions over $AUD100k, please contact our support team.

How do I sell blockchain assets?

Click "Buy / Sell" and navigate to the sell form and enter the volume and price. The easiest and quickest way to sell blockchain assets is to select a "Market Order". For large instructions over $AUD100k, please contact our support team.

What is a Market Order?

A market order will buy or sell immediately at the best available price. The best available prices are shown in the order book if you want to check it before ordering. To create a market order just select the "Market Order" option on the trading page.

What is a Limit Order?

When you place a limit order, you decide what price you wish to buy or sell at. Your order will then be added to the order book and will be waiting for someone to submit a matching order.

What is the Order Book?

The order book is a list of all buy and sell orders placed.

I have waited a long time and my order is still not completed

If you find that nothing happens after a long time, click on "Open Order" and see if your order is still open. Check the price to see if it's near the market average. You may have to cancel it and put in a more competitive price if you want your order matched more quickly. This is all part of trading.

Do you offer Stop Limit orders?

Yes, we offer Stop Limit orders.

How are large instructions handled?

If you wish to buy or sell a large number of blockchain assets pleasecontact our support team for more details.

What is my order stuck as an Open Order?

Newly placed orders first go into the order book as an "Open Order". When some of your "Open Order" matches with another user it becomes a "Partially Matched Order". When ALL of your order matches with another user it becomes a "Fully Matched Order" or "Completed Order". Completed orders are removed from the order book.

Can I cancel a trade?

You may cancel your order before it trades at any time by clicking on "Buy / Sell" then "Open Orders". You can also cancel a partially matched order.


How do I verify my account?

To make a bank deposit or withdrawal to/from your account you must be verified. Becoming verified is usually a quick process but in some cases can take a few days to complete. Once logged in, click "Account" then "ID Verification" and you will be redirected to Green ID. The easiest and quickest way to verify is to use your passport and driver's license. If you have any issues, feel free to contact support who will be able to resolve any issues.

Why must I verify my account?

As a reporting entity, BTC Markets complies with all of its obligations under the Australian AML/CTF legislation. More details can be found in our AML/CTF Policy. We ask our users to verify their accounts as part of our KYC (Know Your Customer) policy. We may also ask for additional documentation to confirm your identity.

How do I enable additional security to my account?

Once you have registered and logged in, we recommend all users enable two factor authentication (2FA) on their account for additional security.

Is BTC Markets safe and secure?

Security and privacy of our clients accounts' and data is our top priority. We run regular reconciliations of all our funds (twice a day for crypto and every hour for AUD) to ensure we have a full reserve. We also apply security best practises and are continually developing and enhancing our security measures.

How do I change my name listed in my account?

In many cases name changes are not possible. Please contact support and provide the details of the name change.

How do I change my password?

You can change your password by using the password reset feature.

How do I change my email address?

For security reasons, we do not allow email address changes. If you want to use another email address, please contact support to arrange an account migration.

My two-factor code has stopped working and I can't log in

The two-factor code is very time sensitive. Even if it is out by a few seconds it may prevent you from accessing your account. Please check the time and date on your phone is fully synchronised and accurate.

I have lost my phone / two-factor code and no can no longer log back in

Please go to the two-factor reset page and follow the instructions to regain access to your account.

Should we store our blockchain assets on your site?

Our clients may confidently entrust their cryptocurrency with us; however, our recommendation is that clients should manage and safely secure their own funds. This philosophy is inherent to the nature of peer-to-peer cryptocurrencies. We believe cryptocurrency storage reserves should not be reliant upon a single entity, such as a bank, exchange or third party wallet management system.

Do you manage a full reserve?

We use a cold wallet and hot wallet system to secure and manage our clients' cryptocurrency reserves. We maintain a full reserve and process reconciliations regularly. This gives us and our clients confidence that the funds shown in their accounts match with what is really in our bank and cold wallets. Our encrypted cold wallet storage is off-site in multiple locations. Each location is physically secure and physically diverse.

Withdrawals and Deposits

How do I withdraw (send) blockchain assets?

To withdraw funds, click "Account" and "Withdraw", select your withdrawal type and enter the details. Please make sure you enter the correct blockchain address.

How do I deposit (receive) blockchain assets?

To deposit funds, choose the correct blockchain asset, click "Account" and "Generate Address". You can use this address to receive blockchain assets.

Why do I have "Pending Funds"?

When you create an order, the money shows as pending and is entered in the order book. Pending funds are released when the order has been matched or cancelled. To cancel an order, navigate to "Buy / Sell", then "Open Orders" and then cancel the required open orders. The funds will be returned to your balance immediately so you may trade again or withdraw.

I have tried to withdraw but I get the error "Insufficient Funds"

You can only withdraw funds up to the amount of your available balance. If you are getting the error "Insufficient Funds" unexpectedly, you may have some open orders that are holding some funds. You may wish to cancel your open orders to be able to be able to withdraw those funds. To see if you have any open orders, click on "Buy / Sell" and then "Open Orders" and then you can cancel any open orders.

You can view your account overview to confirm any unprocessed withdrawals or open orders (as indicated by pending funds).

Why is my blockchain asset withdrawal pending?

First-time-user withdrawals are subject to a security check to ensure they are not fraudulent. We can see all withdrawals and they will be processed once they have been cleared by our fraud-prevention systems.

What is the blockchain?

The blockchain is the record of every blockchain asset ever generated and every transfer from one party to another. Each cryptocurrency that is based on the same type of technology as Bitcoin has its own blockchain.

I can't see my blockchain asset on the blockchain

Please contact support and provide details of the transaction. We endeavour to ensure all transactions are completed as quickly as possible.

Why has my deposit not been credited to my account?

Please check how many confirmations are required on the deposit page. Currently we wait for 1 Bitcoin confirmation to credit user accounts.