A follow-up to the FY20-21 report, the Investor Study Report as of April 2022 uses data that has been captured from the BTC Markets exchange platform throughout the calendar year 2021.

Far from the scepticism and misinformation that dominated the conversation a year ago, ordinary Australians are now talking to each other about crypto. We explored the trading data to understand how the cryptocurrency market performed in 2021, gaining insights into the attitudes and behaviours of crypto investors.

BTC Markets Investor Study Report 2021-2022Download Investor Study Report 2021-2022

BTC Markets recently ran a survey with over 1,800 participants to find out more about what the average Australian cryptocurrency investor looks like. Far from the stereotypes perpetuated by pop culture, what we found is that Australian investors are as diverse in their motivations and reasons for investing as their counterparts in traditional markets.

With crypto hitting the mainstream in 2021, this timely report sheds light on the current state of play in Australia’s crypto industry, why investors are increasingly choosing this digital asset class, and what the industry in this country needs to do in order to become a leader in the global crypto scene.

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