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New Mobile App Release: Fiat and Crypto Withdrawals!

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New Mobile App Release: Fiat and Crypto Withdrawals!

We're pleased to announce the release of the mobile app withdrawals feature, where users can easily and securely withdraw fiat and crypto balances, and review the status of their transfers via their transfer history list.

This feature is now available in our latest release. Update your mobile app version, or download the mobile app now from the App Store (iOS) and Google Play Store (Android).

If you love this feature, please don't forget to give us a 5* rating via the App Store or Google Play Store.

If you have any feedback, issues or suggestions for our mobile app, please let us know via our mobile app feedback form.

Mobile app withdrawals

Fully verified user with 2FA enabled on their account are able to withdraw available balances of AUD to a bank account in their name, and crypto to their external wallets.

Key features include:

  • Bank account detail retention and management;
  • Type, paste and QR scan options for crypto wallet address entry;
  • BSB and wallet address validation to provide additional reassurance;
  • Enhanced security: email and 2FA verification codes to complete transfers;
  • Input validation to reduce errors and mistakes;
  • Information sheets and links to help articles for user assistance; and
  • Transfer history reporting to view and monitor the status of account transfers (deposits, withdrawals, rewards and airdrops etc).

See our help articles: How to withdraw AUD and how to withdraw crypto for step-by-step guides to complete your first withdrawal via the mobile app.

Where do I find the withdrawals feature?

The withdrawal feature is found in the Account area under the 'Wallet' section. Tap on 'Withdraw' to open the feature.

Please note: You must be fully verified and have 2FA enabled on your account to be able to use the withdrawals feature.

If you love this new feature, please don't forget to give us a 5* rating via the App Store or Google Play Store.

What's coming next for the mobile app?

There are always tones of exciting features and enhancements being added to our mobile roadmap: Some of the features currently being considered are: card payments, portfolio profit and loss estimates, push-notifications, and report filtering.

If there's anything specific that you'd love to see in the BTC Markets mobile app, please let us know via our mobile app feedback form.

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