Ethereum vs Bitcoin

In what may become a perennial debate for the ages, what is the difference between Bitcoin and Ethereum, and is one 'better' than the other? Well, it depends on what it is you're looking for.

Nov 25th 2021

We explain what "over-the-counter" trading is, and how it can help you save money on large trades on BTC Markets

Oct 28th 2021

So you've invested in Bitcoin and now want to realise your gains, but how do you sell it for cash? In this article, we cover the various ways you can exchange your Bitcoin for traditional fiat.

Oct 24th 2021

The Lightning Network for Bitcoin is much-touted among tech experts as a potential solution for Bitcoin’s ongoing scalability issues. But is lightning crypto really the future? Or does the community need to be looking at different options for a scalable future for Bitcoin?

Oct 1st 2021

Bitcoin has taken the world by storm, but what exactly is it?

Sep 15th 2021

Regardless of how new or experienced you are with investing, cryptocurrency trading works differently, in that once you purchase your Bitcoin, Ethereum or other cryptos, you then need to have a place to store it safely and securely.

Sep 6th 2021