Australia’s crypto bill rejected by the Senate

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Australia’s crypto bill rejected by the Senate

Australia's digital asset landscape is in a state of flux, marked by the recent rejection of the Digital Assets (Market Regulation) Bill 2023 (Bill), by the Australian Senate Committee on Economics Legislation (Committee). This setback signifies a critical juncture in Australia's quest to establish a regulatory framework for digital assets. While hurdles were encountered, and approval remained elusive, the push back has ignited a broader conversation involving government, private sector stakeholders, and the community about the importance of embracing digital assets.

The Department of the Treasury, as the primary economic advisor to the Australian Government, leads this effort, fostering a diverse range of ideas and perspectives. Earlier this year, Senator Andrew Bragg introduced a comprehensive private member’s bill proposing reforms for the cryptocurrency sector. These reforms encompassed a wide-ranging framework covering digital asset exchanges, custody services, stablecoin issuance, and mandatory monitoring/reporting related to specific offshore central bank digital currencies (CBDCs). The framework was detailed in the Bill, and subsequently referred to the Committee for examination.

When the Committee released its findings, it ultimately recommended that the Bill not be passed. Instead, they suggested that the Australian Government engage in continued consultation with the crypto industry to formulate more appropriate digital asset regulations for Australia. This outcome had been widely anticipated within the industry, as the reforms were expected to align with Treasury's ongoing token mapping exercise, the results of which are still pending.

BTC Markets contributed to the above conversation* and submitted commentary to the Australian government during the recent senate hearing on the Bill. We recognise that progress in regulatory matters is not always a linear journey. The Bill's rejection prompts a re-evaluation of our regulatory approach, offering an opportunity to refine and enhance the framework.

The rejection of the bill has not dampened the enthusiasm of the Australian digital asset industry. The community remains actively engaged in advocating for appropriate and proportionate regulation, shaping an environment that fosters innovation while safeguarding security and consumer protection.

At BTC Markets, we recognise the significance of regulation in this industry. In response to the evolving regulatory landscape, our CEO, Caroline Bowler will be exploring alternative, offshore regulatory options in Q4 of this year, ensuring that we can continue to provide a secure and compliant platform for our clients.

While the outcome of the cryptocurrency bill may be disappointing, it is but a chapter in Australia's ongoing journey toward a regulated digital asset landscape. Progress is evident, and the ongoing dialogue surrounding regulation and innovation remains vibrant. Australia's unique position and its ability to adapt and learn from global experiences position it for a promising and secure future in the digital asset space.

*View the Hansard report.

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