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BTC Markets

For the past few years, BTC Markets has focused on developing and delivering a world class trading experience and exceptional service to our clients. Uplifting the look and feel of our brand is the next step in the evolutionary phase of our business. Recently, we launched new brand assets on our website and mobile app as a part of the ongoing growth and expansion of our business.

Over the past few months, our team have fully dedicated themselves to detailed research, planning and implementation of new brand colours, fonts and messaging that aligns with our brand mission and vision. Although we updated our look, the core values that drive our company and culture remain as steadfast as ever. We are committed to providing market leading technology and world class service to our clients and will continue to improve the functionality of our platform.

Core values

We believe that having a strong visual identity goes hand in hand with a distinguishing set of powerful company beliefs. Since our inception in 2013, BTC Markets implemented core values that align with who we are as a business.

Inclusivity: We feel a genuine responsibility to understand the impact our actions will have on our clients, team members, business partners and the blockchain ecosystem. We value different ideas and feedback and take them into account when making critical decisions.

Reliability: You can count on us. Reliable technology and market leading client support are our key pillars. Our technical knowledge has allowed us to build a world class trading platform for our clients and cultivate strong relationships in the market.

Collaboration: By partnering with internal and external stakeholders, we have been able to produce greater outcomes than operating on our own. From contributing to the conversation around regulatory reforms to developing a world class trading engine, our alliances with industry leading participants helps us to provide the best outcomes for our clients.

Security: Continuous improvement to the security of our platform and our clients’ assets is what drives us to pursue developing new features and improving existing ones. In today’s fast-growing tech space, innovation is an essential part of our exponential growth.

Integrity: Building trustworthy relationships with our clients and business partners is ongoing and will always remain at the forefront of how we operate in this fast-paced environment. This is the reason why we keep our communication transparent and consistent.

Innovation: Our team is dedicated to developing new ideas and providing positive and unique outcomes. We are pioneers of the blockchain ecosystem and continuously challenge the status quo to build new pathways and break new ground.

Brand refresh

Simple, clean, and modern was the brief, and we think our new look hits the mark. As a technology leader in our sector, we strive to provide real world solutions for our clients. Our goal is to be straightforward in our communication with employees, clients and stakeholders and we needed a brand identity to reflect that seamless approach.

The new brand palette comes with a fresh, edgy, and modern look created with the help of client feedback and market research. It reflects our commitment to simplicity and innovation. With the refreshed look, we want to keep the connection to our logo as its the symbol that reflects our passion of building a strong foundation. After many months and countless versions, we landed on updated features, new typography, a fresh colour palette and targeted brand message that clearly articulates who we are and where we are going. Our upgraded colour palette feels vibrant, modern, and aesthetically pleasing for our brand image.

Mobile app

We've carried through the new brand design into the mobile app. It is important that our users know we have a “consumer-first” approach based on their needs and provide them with an easy and secure way to buy, sell and trade crypto. Within the refreshed app look, you will find our new brand assets, colours, typography, and improved icons that once again depict our core values of reliability and security. Experience the enhanced design by downloading the BTC Markets app from Google Play or the App Store.

Trading site

We will gradually be extending the brand uplift across the trading site products and features. This will provide an enhanced user interface and user experience, so clients can make the most of our best-in-class trade execution speeds, tight price spreads and various trading options.

Trading engine

This brand refresh is not just a face-lift, major upgrades have been made under the hood. This includes an upgrade to the performance of our trading engine. Our platform now offers 10x faster trade executions of less than 20 milliseconds (reduced further, if integrated with our FIX API).

This reduction in latency secures BTC Markets as one of the most powerful crypto trading engines in the world. For BTC Markets clients, this increased speed means a reduction in price slippage, as orders execute faster, reducing the time available for markets to move. It also means more accurate pricing, increase order capacity and a more liquid market. Added to our 0% wash trading, 99.99% platform uptime, onshore asset custody and being 100% Australian owned, BTC Markets once again sets the industry standard for cryptocurrency exchanges across the globe.

A comprehensive rebranding process is a natural part of a company’s growth and evolution. We have put our hearts and experience into developing a brand-new BTC Markets look that fits our brand identity. Our promise to our clients is continued product improvements and world class client services. We will continue to listen to your feedback and provide you with the genuine level of care and compassion that you have come to expect from us.

We hope you enjoy our new look and welcome your feedback.

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