BTC Markets sets the industry standard for crypto compliance in Australia

Caroline Bowler
"We’ve built our business on partnerships and Chainalysis KYT has been a cornerstone, providing the appropriate measures to protect our clients and position our exchange well for the future." - Caroline Bowler. CEO, BTC Markets.

Chainalysis has been selected as the compliance partner for BTC Markets. Our exchange offers an industry-leading compliance program that models itself on the traditional framework applied to the financial services industry. From a compliance perspective, we work with FrankieOne for KYC, which provides a full suite of checks and works well with Chainalysis.

For our clients

Our mission is to provide the fastest and most secure exchange to all crypto traders and investors. Our cutting-edge platform combines excellent client support, secure transactions, and top-of-the-line security protocols. Additionally, our world-class trading engine and peer-to-peer marketplace provide peace of mind knowing that your transaction with be executed quickly and efficiently.

For our business partners

Our compliance program includes industry-leading AML and KYC practices, as well as strict security protocols. The partnership with Chainalysis ensures risk mitigation measures are in place as we strive to cultivate close relationships with key industry leaders to drive innovation and provide input to government entities around regulatory implementation.

For regulators

With appropriate regulation and investor protections, the cryptocurrency industry can continue to drive adoption within Australia. The partnership between Chainalysis and BTC Markets exemplifies what is possible when market leaders strive to balance consumer protection with market innovation. The combination of responsible regulatory oversight, industry-leading compliance policies, and anti-money laundering (AML) tools has enabled BTC Markets to create a world-class trading environment for crypto investors and traders. This sets the industry standard for exchange innovation and regulatory compliance moving forward.

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