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Introducing Alogrand

Algorand is one of several recent additions to the world of blockchain that seeks to remove some of the technical barriers and simplify the challenges. It’s a distributed ledger that has a permissionless consensus mechanism.

One of its primary aims is accelerating transaction speeds and revealing new possible use cases for cryptocurrencies. It aims to reduce the time it takes for transactions to be termed “final” on its network.

How Algorand was created

Algorand was created by several computer scientists, including Silvio Micali, a Massachusetts Institute of Technology professor. Micali is a former recipient of the Turing Award and is renowned in the world of computer science. He has also been credited with making cryptography a far more precise science than it used to be by formalising some essential thoughts about the internal building blocks. Some of his work is funded by the Algorand Foundation, which was established to advance technology in this area and was partly funded by ALGO tokens.

How Algorand works

ALGO tokens (the cryptocurrency of Algorand) are used to get the permissionless consensus involved in building a block on the platform and paying for the transaction. In this way, the token helps regulate the ecosystem's growth and rewards those who contribute to governance.

Algorand aims to tackle the blockchain trilemma, which involves decentralisation, scalability and security. In doing so, it relies on randomness and uses proof of stake. The solution is built on a Byzantine agreement, allowing for a consensus even in the presence of bad actors. Pure proof of stake can help achieve higher levels of scalability without compromising security or decentralisation.

To tackle the issues surrounding decentralisation, Algorand ensures that everyone within the system is eligible and nobody knows who the next validator will be, thus helping to ensure security. Staking is used to give every token holder the opportunity to become a block validator.

Within the platform, each user receives a reward in terms of an ALGO token based on their stake for each block committed into the chain. This encourages participation and helps build a path towards decentralisation.

Why is Algorand of interest

Currently, the public version of Algorand is meant to appeal to other developers and help them create new applications for cryptocurrency. It uses open-source code that can be copied, cloned or used in different blockchains.

Users should keep a close eye on its progress and see how its novel approach works in real-world market conditions. Algorand may become a preferred blockchain for developers as they launch decentralised applications, and this should increase the value of the cryptocurrency when you buy ALGO.

If proof of stake blockchains prove to be the most successful approach in the market, then Algorand should represent a sensible investment.

The Algorand Foundation is likely to limit the maximum number of ALGO coins that can ever be created, leading to scarcity. The Foundation has a block explorer tool that enables them to keep a close eye on the circulating supply.

Due to the permissionless proof of stake blockchain protocol at the heart of the project, Algorand is likely to be far less energy intensive than other solutions due to the lack of mining.

Frequently asked questions

What is Algorand (ALGO)?

Algorand is a new blockchain network that uses open-source software. It aims to solve one of the biggest challenges in the industry, the so-called trilemma of achieving decentralisation, speed and security simultaneously. Algorand is based on a proof of stake approach and reports fast transaction times, a decentralised approach to consensus and governance and lower costs. It features a native cryptocurrency called ALGO, which gives the holder the chance to enter the blockchain and participate in governance, voting on the protocol according to the size of their holding.

How does Algorand work?

Algorand uses a pure proof of stake consensus algorithm based on the Byzantine agreement protocol. The ALGO is automatically protected by unique keys whenever a note is compromised. One of the big differentiators is the amount of energy used by the computers to create and validate new blocks. As Algorand uses pure proof of stake (as opposed to something like Bitcoin, which uses proof of work), the process is far more efficient and faster, crucially using less energy.

Malicious actors can’t take a large holding of ALGO and then compromise potential security, as the system is based on codependency. In this situation, any malicious activity will automatically deteriorate their ALGO value and significantly lessen any potential rewards.

What makes Algorand unique?

Algorand was conceived as a way to speed up transactions and address some of the challenges other blockchain projects like Bitcoin face. It’s a permissionless proof of stake protocol and has near instantaneous transaction finality. Each transaction can be finalised in a matter of seconds.

How much does Algorand cost to purchase?

If you are interested in dipping your toe in the water, cryptocurrency is a great place to start. As opposed to other trading options, you can make fractional purchases, so you don’t have to buy whole Algorand coins.

How to buy Algorand in Australia?

To buy Algorand in Australia, you first need to create an account with BTC Markets. Once you’ve done so, you can deposit funds and have various payment options, including BPay and instant OSKO. At that point, you will be able to buy any digital assets, such as ALGO, through a Market Order. You can buy or sell immediately at the best available price.

Buying and trading Algorand with BTC Markets

If you’re intrigued by the Algorand approach, want to develop another income stream or diversify your crypto assets, you shouldcheck out BTC Markets. Our reliable, convenient and secure platform makes it easy to buy orsell ALGO, regardless of your experience in this area.

After you sign up for a BTC account, we will be ready to guide you through the process. In the meantime, you can learn more about BTC Markets, find the answers to some frequently asked questions or reach out to one of our experienced team members to help you with buying Algorand.

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