Introducing: The BTC Markets Mobile App

Caroline Bowler
Mar 21st 2022

The new BTC Markets app is here! Buy, sell & trade crypto on the go

The team at BTC Markets have been working hard to provide our customers with a mobile app to trade and manage their crypto portfolio on the go. We’re excited to announce that it’s finally here!

We wanted to ensure that when we released this, it echoed the speed and reliability of our desktop platform that is core to our exchange and that you as our customers rely on.

With the new BTC Markets mobile app, you’ll be able to trade crypto anytime, anywhere!

Available to download now on iOS and Android.

The BTC Markets app has a range of features, including:

Quick and easy deposits

Deposit AUD to your account instantly via Osko or through BPAY, or you can deposit crypto from external wallets to start trading cryptocurrency.

Simple and advanced trading options

You can buy and sell cryptocurrency quickly and easily with our Simple Buy/Sell feature, or place more sophisticated orders with our Advanced settings, including:

  • Limit: Place a buy or sell order at a specific price.
  • Market: Buy or sell at the best available price.
  • Stop Limit: Place a buy or sell limit order once a specific price is met.

Monitor prices and market movements

Keep track of cryptocurrency prices and market movements easily on the BTC Markets app and personalise which tokens you want to watch with our Watch list feature.

Real-time portfolio management

View your portfolio’s holdings, values, total equity, trade history, and buy/sell order status all in one easy view.

Best in class cybersecurity

Enjoy easy and secure ongoing access to your account using PIN, or your device's inbuilt biometric security.

With BTC Markets, your account security is our top priority. The app has the same industry-recognised, best security standards that we implement on our web app, including SSO login with two-factor authentication (2FA), personal data encryption, internal control limits, and off-site cold wallet storage.

  • 98% of assets in encrypted cold storage
  • Two-factor authentication and rate limits
  • SSL encryption for your protection

We value your feedback

Building an app is a journey, and a continuous one at that. This means that although this is our first official release of the app, it doesn’t mean our work ends here. Your feedback is crucial and will influence the future direction of the apps design and functionality, while helping improve your experience and the experience of many others.

Please leave feedback via the "provide feedback" button on the accounts screen about what features you'd like to see, or report any issues you encounter.

Download the app now on iOS or Android.

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