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XRP price calculator

Use the XRP price calculator to convert prices for XRP trading pairs and for all markets on the BTC Markets exchange.

About XRP (XRP)

XRP is a digital currency created and managed by the blockchain network, Ripple, with backing from numerous major financial institutions. It is used for payment transfers that settle in seconds, including overseas (cross-border) transactions. Using blockchain technology, it is also a cheaper alternative to traditional payment methods. BTC Markets is an exchange partner of Ripple’s cross-border payments program, called On-Demand Liquidity (ODL).

Using XRP (XRP) price information

XRP price information is useful to monitor market value and evaluate portfolio performance. It helps investors analyse trends, manage risk and make informed investing decisions.

Frequently asked questions

How is the price of XRP determined?

The XRP token's price and Ripple's value depend on supply and demand in the market. Economic or financial policies do not influence its price.

Only the actions of investors buying and selling XRP impact its movement.

In simple terms, it's price increases with high demand and decreases with low demand.

How is the supply of XRP managed, and what is the total supply limit?

Ripple manages the supply of XRP and initially created 100 billion tokens.

Over time, Ripple has gradually released these tokens periodically for funding, partnerships, and incentives.

The total supply of XRP is capped at 100 billion tokens, meaning it will not increase beyond this limit. However, not all the XRP tokens are circulated, as Ripple still holds a portion.

Where can XRP be bought?

XRP can be bought easily at BTC Markets, the leading cryptocurrency exchange owned and operated in Australia.

With more than $23 billion traded on its platform, BTC Markets is the go-to exchange for traders who value trusted cybersecurity, a knowledgeable local support team, and extensive liquidity and market depth across 30 markets.

What makes XRP valuable?

XRP is valuable because:

  • XRP’s technology enables fast and efficient transaction settlement. Its transaction confirmation times are much faster than traditional banking systems, which often take several days to process transactions.
  • It is a bridge currency in the Ripple payment protocol, RippleNet. It allows for fast and affordable international money transfers, which benefits banks and financial institutions.
  • XRP can handle large transactions quickly, making it suitable for global financial transactions. This scalability is important for use in large-scale payment systems.
  • Using XRP for cross-border transactions can help financial institutions save costs. By eliminating the need for multiple intermediaries and corresponding banking relationships, XRP offers a potential reduction in expenses.

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