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Render price calculator

Use the Render price calculator to convert prices for RNDR trading pairs and for all markets on the BTC Markets exchange.

About Render (RNDR)

The Render Network is a decentralised GPU rendering platform that enables artists to scale rendering work using high-performance GPU nodes globally. Utilising a blockchain marketplace for idle GPU compute, it allows artists to scale rendering tasks more efficiently and affordably compared to centralised GPU cloud services, resulting in significant cost savings and vastly improved rendering speeds.

Using Render (RNDR) price information

To utilise Render (RNDR) price information effectively, investors can monitor the value of RNDR tokens, identify trading opportunities, manage portfolios, mitigate risks, and stay informed about market trends and sentiment.

Frequently asked questions

How is the price of Render (RNDR) determined?

The price of Render (RNDR) is influenced by various factors, including:

Scarcity: Demand for RNDR tokens against their limited supply can affect their price.

Market sentiment: Positive or negative perceptions about Render's technology, adoption, and prospects can impact its value.

Speculation: Investor speculation and trading activities can cause fluctuations in RNDR's price.

Technological developments: Updates, advancements, and innovations in Render's ecosystem can influence investor confidence and sentiment.

What makes Render (RNDR) valuable?

Render (RNDR) derives its value from several key factors, including:

Efficient rendering: Render provides a decentralised network for rendering tasks, offering cost-effective solutions to artists and studios.

Blockchain security: Leveraging the Ethereum blockchain, RNDR ensures secure and transparent transactions for rendering services.

Token utility: RNDR tokens serve as a means of compensation for GPU providers and can be earned through rendering tasks, enhancing their intrinsic value within the Render ecosystem.

Adoption and partnerships: Collaborations with artists, studios, and technological partners contribute to RNDR's adoption and utility, thereby increasing its value over time.

How to become a GPU provider on Render (RNDR)?

Becoming a GPU provider on Render (RNDR) involves setting up your GPU hardware and joining the Render network as a node operator. You can register as a provider on the Render platform and follow the guidelines for configuring your hardware to participate in rendering tasks.

By offering your GPU compute power to artists and studios, you can earn RNDR tokens as compensation for your contributions to the network.

How does Render (RNDR) ensure the security of rendered assets?

Render (RNDR) employs various security measures to safeguard rendered assets on its platform. Upon upload, proprietary assets are hashed and sent to nodes for rendering, leveraging the security of the Ethereum blockchain.

Additionally, all RNDR payments are held during rendering and are only released to node operators after manual verification by the commissioning artist of successful completion. To further enhance security, all rendered assets are watermarked until payment is disbursed, ensuring that assets remain protected throughout the rendering process.

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