Award Winning Australian Digital Currency Exchange

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BTC Markets
Award Winning Australian Digital Currency Exchange

The Blockchain Australia Industry Awards (Blockies) were recently held in Sydney. This annual event recognises excellence and innovation in the Australian blockchain ecosystem. Blockchain Australia is the peak industry body representing members of the blockchain and digital assets community in Australia.

BTC Markets took home two ‘Blockies’. One for ‘Digital Currency Exchange of the Year’ and the other for ‘Blockchain Leader of the Year’.

The award for ‘Digital Currency Exchange of the Year’ recognised an outstanding digital currency exchange that has a ‘strong leadership position’ in the industry. It has been a challenging year and to be recognised as the trusted market leader in the Australian cryptocurrency landscape, is a huge accolade and achievement for our business.

Our CEO, Caroline Bowler also took home the award for ‘Blockchain Leader of the Year’ which recognised a leader from the blockchain industry who is a pioneer, visionary, strategic thinker, and role model. Recipients of this award are seen as influencers in the industry, demonstrating their engagement with the community including keynote speaking engagements, advocacy for regulatory reforms, and an in-demand subject matter expert for media interviews and public commentary. The award recognised Caroline’s tireless commitment to ensuring regulatory reforms are both responsible and proportionate whilst providing necessary consumer protections.

As a Blockchain Australia Certified digital currency exchange, BTC Markets not only meets industry best practice but aims to exceed them as well. We are fully compliant with the Australian Digital Currency Industry Code of Conduct and fully support the exchange ‘Affirmation’ statement released by Blockchain Australia in November 2022.

At BTC Markets, we proudly and publicly confirm that we put our client’s interest before our own. We have no exposure to other exchanges (here or overseas) we do not purchase crypto from other exchanges nor operate as a broker or local office for an international business. We are based in Australia and service Australian traders.

We made a public statement to our clients that:

  • We do not lend out your coins
  • We do not hold debt in our business
  • We do not have a prop trading desk
  • We do not trade against you
  • We do not have an exchange token
  • We segregate your coins – no comingling of assets.

And our CEO, Caroline Bowler confirmed our ongoing commitment to our clients on Twitter.

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At BTC Markets, we will continue to focus on delivering value to our clients and work diligently with industry bodies, government agencies, and institutions to promote and protect the continued growth and evolution of the digital assets industry.


Code-of-Conduct-October-2021.pdf (

Blockchain Australia Digital Currency Exchange Members’ Affirmation.

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