How To Buy Bitcoin

What is Bitcoin?

Bitcoin is the money of the internet. Bitcoin is a decentralised, cryptographically secure peer-to-peer network that records immutable events within a public blockchain. It is censorship resistant, open-source, borderless and neutral. Bitcoin is used as a cryptocurrency because of its unique properties and characteristics.

How Do I Buy Bitcoin?

1). Sign Up to BTC Markets

To begin buying Bitcoin you will need to sign up for a BTC Markets account. We will provide you with simple and trusted methods to fund your account and a safe and secure location to keep your cryptocurrency.

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2). Verify Your ID

Once you have completed your profile, we will need to verify your ID. This will allow you to deposit (receive) or withdraw (send) Bitcoin or AUD. To fund your BTC Markets account, visit 'Account' and navigate to the 'Deposit' page to make your first deposit via BPAY or Osko.

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3). Buy Bitcoin

After you have funded your account, you can start buying and selling Bitcoin. Simply visit the Buy/Sell page to buy Bitcoin today.

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