Rachael Lucas

Rachael Lucas


Weekly Crypto Wrap: 27th April 2023

Weekly Crypto Wrap: 27th April 2023

Australian inflation cools to 7%. Standard Chartered predicts US$100k Bitcoin by 2024. Visa plans for Ethereum-based stablecoins. Coinbase's ongoing battle with the SEC may benefit Ripple. EU Parliament passes crypto regulations. Crypto sector to potentially double revenue in 2023.

Weekly Crypto Wrap: 20th April 2023

Cardano (ADA) is now live and available to trade. The RBA hints at further rate hikes. Ethereum's Shapella upgrade drives market-wide rally. Bitcoin outperformed traditional assets with a 72.4% gain in Q1. XRP records massive inflows and SEC Chair is grilled by Congress.

Weekly Crypto Wrap: 13th April 2023

Get ready to trade Cardano (ADA). CBA outlines next steps for crypto. US CPI results lower than expected. Australian consumer confidence on the rise. BTC breaks through US$30k. SOL surges 130%. ETH in the spotlight.

Weekly Crypto Wrap: 6th April 2023

Cardano (ADA) is coming to BTC Markets. RBA to pause rate increases. Our CEO provides a monthly market wrap. BTC holdings on rise whilst ETH’s upgrade to boost staking. XRP gains amid SEC vs Ripple as China's tech youth embrace AI and crypto.

Weekly Crypto Wrap: 30th March 2023

XRP gains 16.13% and Litecoin price surges 11.12%. Australian inflation dropped to 6.8%. Investors turn to safe-haven Bitcoin amidst banking contagion. Billionaire investor remains bullish on crypto as China eases regulatory crackdowns.